Waterfront Issues:

NVSOSS Recommendations to the District of North Vancouver regarding waterfront: 

1. Open Street Ends and public Right of Ways for public use.

2. Remove unauthorized encroachments on DNV Waterfront Property.

3. Maintain existing Street Ends and public Right of Ways.

4. Any opportunity to obtain additional appropriate properties IF AND WHEN THEY BECOME AVAILABLE should also be strongly considered

5. Remove encroachments that extend to below the high water tide line.

6. Reinstate DNV policy of opening three Street Ends a year.

7. Maintain Street End Signage at both the street and beach levels.

8. This last recommendation would involve the Port of Vancouver which has jurisdiction over DNV waterfront below the high water mark. Leases are the water leases given by Port of Vancouver to private owners for the private docks in Indian Arm and Burrard Inlet.

Single owner private docks should be phased out and replaced by communal docks in order to open up the beach areas. When docks are replaced, all former dock material and debris should be removed from the beach.

When an owner wishes to obtain a DNV Building Permit to change or remodel their property, the DNV should insure that the owner respects the high water mark boundary and require the removal of any existing   encroachments, docks, rock, concrete and other barriers on the beach  which make public beach access difficult.