Short Walk - Cates Park to Strathcona Park and return:

Don’t have time for a longer walk?  Walk the route from #1 to #8 to Strathcona Park as noted in the Full Walk and return to Cates Park by going back by your previous route. Or...

  1. Go through Strathcona Park to Strathcona Road.
  2. Turn LEFT on Strathcona Road. 
  3. Proceed along Strathcona Road and turn left onto Kinloch Lane.
  4. Proceed along Kinloch Lane and turn left onto Mt. Seymour Parkway.
  5. Almost immediately, turn right onto Beachview Drive.
  6. Turn left onto Golf Drive.
  7. Turn right onto Seashell Lane.
  8. Proceed along Seashell Lane until you reach Little Cates Park.
  9. Proceed to the trail that parallels the beach (Malcolm Lowry Trail) or return to the beach, both lead back to your starting point in Cates Park. If you take this route, observe the many street-end trails that will take you back to the beach if you wish. 

Full Walk - Cates Park to Deep Cove and return:

Before starting this walk which may take 2-3 hours each way, please check the Tide Information at Tide Times and Tide Chart for Deep Cove (tide-forecast.com). The Walk instructions are based on the walk being done when the tide is low. If you linger too long the route may become impassable due to a rising tide.

  1. Start at Cates Park and proceed east for 2km along shoreline to Harris Beach. (Due to cliffs, you cannot walk further!)
  2. Climb stairs to Harris Place and proceed to Harris Road.
  3. Turn right onto Harris Road.
  4. Turn right onto Stonehaven Avenue.
  5. Follow the path running beside #4535 Stonehaven Avenue.
  6. At the Epps street-end proceed on footpath down to waterfront.
  7. Walk along the beach past Strathcona Wharf to Strathcona Park.(This part can only be done at low tide.)
  8. Go through Strathcona Park to Strathcona Road.
  9. Turn RIGHT on Strathcona Road.
  10. Turn left onto Roxbury Road and follow to the end.
  11. Turn right onto Cove Cliff Road.
  12. Turn left onto Naomi Place.
  13. Turn LEFT at Cardinal Crescent.
  14. At #1905 Cardinal, by the driveway, take trail to the right into Wickenden Park.
  15. Follow the trail’s right fork to Eastridge Road.
  16. Leave the park and turn left onto Eastridge Road.
  17. Turn left onto Lockhaven Road.
  18. Turn right onto Raeburn Street.
  19. Turn right onto Parkside Lane and continue to the end.
  20. Turn left at staircase and cross footbridge into Deep Cove Park.
  21. Walk through park and follow shoreline to Panorama Park/Deep Cove.

Return to Cates Park by the same route or choose an alternate road route from the map to get back to Cates Park.  The bus from Deep Cove will also return you to Cates Park entrance.

Please Note: If you do this walk on your own when the tide is high, two sections, which will cause you difficulties, are around Harris Beach and Strathcona Park. You are therefore advised to check the times of the tides before starting out and/or use the map to find an alternative route by continuing from Harris Road to Strathcona Road, turn right and continue to Strathcona Park.  You may also need or wish to leave or enter the beach at one of the many street ends that provide a range of alternative walking choices.  Based on maintenance and slope, some may provide easier access than others.