Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Discovery Waterfront Walk

 As you know, SOS unfortunately had to cancel the annual Discovery Waterfront Walk in 2020 due to health regulations related to COVID-19. 

We are hoping that things change for 2021 and we have started making plans for our annual Discovery Waterfront Walk. Unfortunately, it is too early to know how June will unfold and we can’t second guess what regulations will be in place at that time. At the moment we do know that Park Permits for Events are on hold.
The one thing that we absolutely need for the Walk is a very low tide. At the moment June 26 is looking likely from a tide perspective so you can take note of that date as a possibility for the Walk. 
Please check back here in May 2021 for further news.
Thank you.





Key Issues

Opening Street Ends:

In other words Public Beach Access. The North Vancouver Save Our Shores Society (NVSOSS) vision is to have all public owned street ends opened for safe Beach Access. Some have been blocked by private encroachments, some poorly maintained and dangerous, others remain unopened.

Sewage Treatment

NVSOS wants Metro Vancouver to install Tertiary sewage treatment at the new Lions Gate plant this year instead of at some nebulous future date to stop pollutants being flushed into the Salish Sea on outgoing tides. (see "Items of Interest" for more information.) 


Some existing docks along the foreshore impede walking and enjoyment of the beach areas by the general public. Some have a serious negative impact upon the scenic views of the area.  NVSOSS believes that a few well designed and architectural pleasing community docks with a single access point to the shore would better serve and address the needs and concerns of all. Alternatively, each waterfront resident could be provided with a properly designed mooring buoy for his craft and then all man made structures could be removed from the area's inter-tidal zone.


NVSOSS is particularly worried and concerned about the indiscriminate proliferation of private docks, structures and other forms of encroachment which have already taken place or are planned for the inter-tidal beach zones of the District. Our area of concern extends from Maplewood Flats to Deep Cove and beyond.


We are all Stewards of our Foreshore and Beach. We must practice conservation, preservation and enhancement at all times, in order to protect this precious jewel that we are so fortunate to have as our backyard, for this generation and for future generations to enjoy.                             


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